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Lotissement  de Terracine

The lotissement de Terracine offers freehold plots of land at very affordable prices, 2 minutes away from the Souillac Batelage and 5 minutes from Rochester Falls, on the former Terracine sugar property.
The development benefits from all the facilities offered by the village of Souillac: a modern hospital, essential services such as the CEB and the CWA, and the Savanne District Court. The village also has many well-known restaurants and cafes, as well as a shopping centre with a supermarket, shops and a petrol station. The houses will follow architectural guidelines.

Availlability: Sold out

Estimated date of delivery : End of 2023

Geographic Location : Located on the former Terracine sugar estate in the south of the island, the development is 2 minutes from the Souillac Batelage, and 5 minutes from Rochester Falls and Gris Gris Beach.

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