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Morcellement agricole de Combo
(Coming Soon)

The Combo agricultural development is a one-of-its-kind project in Mauritius. Located between Bois Chéri and Souillac, close to the Avalon golf estate and the motorway, and close to exceptional sites such as the cliffs of Souillac and Rochester Falls, this agricultural development is aimed at all those who are looking for a different way of life, who dream of a return to the nature. Located in a humid and rainwater catchment area, with a bird’s eye view of the south of the island, this project is ideal for getting closer to nature, planting your own vegetable garden or mastering permaculture…

Number of lots : TBC

Price : TBC

Estimated date of delivery : TBC

Geographic Location : Located next to the Avalon Golf Estate, half an hour away from Curepipe and the airport, this morcellement is easily accessible by the motorway through Bois Chéri, or through Union in the South.

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