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Who we are

Our real estate department is responsible for the design, implementation, and commercialization of the group’s real estate projects.

Since 2003, Compagnie de Beau Vallon Ltée (CBVL) has earned a sound reputation in the real estate sector with the successful completion of several residential projects in the regions of Mahébourg, Beau-Vallon and Pointe d’Esny.
In order to respond to the growing demand, both locally and internationally, and to capitalize on the potential of our property assets, we are currently developing new mixed-use, residential and agricultural projects in the South-East region of Mauritius.

Our services

Our professional team follows every step of the projects, ensuring that clients’ expectations are met.

Asset and real estate management

CBVL owns numerous assets, including hotels, the breathtaking Château de Riche-en-Eau (a colonial house built amidst a vast French-style garden), and hunting reserves overlooking the Rivière des Créoles and the Chemin Français. The Group is also the owner of over 4,900 hectares of land in the South and the South-East part of Mauritius.

Real Estate Development

Over the last 15 years, our department has developed more than 2,500 residential lots through different projects of various types, mainly in Mahébourg, Beau Vallon and Souillac. Our portfolio keeps expanding, with the development of new residential and agricultural projects, as well as an innovative mixed-use eco-development at the entrance of Mahébourg. This project will be the only one of its kind in Mauritius.


Our experienced sales team deploys all its knowledge and expertise to satisfy our customers’ needs and to help them find the right asset, among our wide array of products. We offer residential and agricultural projects, office spaces, plots of land, as well as residential properties (apartments, duplexes, villas…).


CBVL organizes several events during the year, including a popular mountain bike race which is held on its lands.


We will soon launch numerous outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking to promote the most beautiful places in the South-East.

Land Surveying
CBVL has its own team of professional land surveyors and draughtsmen. This team offers a full range of services and provides all the support needed by the department.

Our Team

Group Property Manager


Group Property Manager

Development, Marketing and Asset Management


Development and Marketing Manager


Asset Manager


Senior Project Manager

Land Surveying


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Sales Manager


Administrative Assistant

Our projects

The Great South-East

White sandy beaches, pristine lagoons, unspoiled historical sites, untamed nature… The South-East region is teeming with unique natural treasures and stunning views over the lagoon and mountains.

A vast lagoon

The vibrant Pointe d’Esny lagoon is one of the largest and most beautiful lagoons in Mauritius, ideal for water activities such as snorkeling or kitesurfing while Blue Bay Marine Park is the home to ancient corals that form part of our national heritage. Grand Port Bay, where the naval battle of Grand Port took place, is dotted with preserved islets such as Ile de La Passe and Ile au Phare, and Ile aux Aigrettes, which is a national nature reserve.

An authentic region

Mahébourg is an authentic Mauritian fishing village, notably famous for its weekly fair. It is the former administrative centre of the island, and its grid-like streets and houses with typical architecture bear witness to its colonial past. The inshore part holds a dense and lush flora; with its sugarcane plantations, the hunting reserves of Riche-en-Eau and the Vallée de Ferney.

A deep heritage

The South-East is considered as the cradle of the nation, with its deep heritage and remarkable history. The region witnessed the successive arrivals of both the Dutch and French, and has retained numerous traces from this period, from the fortifications of l’île de La Passe to the fire cannons proudly pointing from Pointe du Diable. Furthermore, Mahébourg Naval Museum hosts an important collection of objects recovered from shipwrecks linked to the Grand Port naval battle.

Our corporate engagement in the region

For more than 200 years, CBVL has actively contributed not only to economic development, but also to social wellbeing and environmental protection through targeted actions within local communities and non-profit organizations. We provide support to the most vulnerable groups in the fields of education, social integration, and environmental protection through NGOs such as Mouvement Bien-Être de Cité La Chaux and Mahebourg Espoir Education Centre.

The Group has, as one of its priorities, the preservation of both historical and natural heritage. CBVL will soon launch the Pointe d’Esny Sanctuary Foundation, a non-profit foundation that will raise and manage funds for social and environmental projects in the Southeast region, with a particular focus on the restoration and preservation of the lagoon as well as the marine and coastal environment.

The Group is currently preparing, with the collaboration of biodiversity experts, a restoration plan for the Pointe d’Esny wetlands. The aim is to recreate these wetlands as faithfully as possible with the endemic flora and fauna.

And finally, CBVL, in collaboration with MCB Forward Foundation, is working to set up an Agri-Hub in Riche-en-Eau for vulnerable families in the region.